Galapagos ~ Evolution

Are we alone in the universe? In the vast universe, as far as we can see, it seems we are alone. The stars burn bright holes in the dark fabric of the cosmos. Each one a sun, many with planets, but our calls go unanswered.

In this infinite black desert, one planet only is a glowing oasis: the Earth. One feature of this planet is the cradle of life: the Ocean. One species only has clawed its way out of the food chain: Humans. Throughout the history of Humans, our perception of the world has evolved. We used to think the planet was the center of the universe, that it was flat. We used to think the ocean was infinite, too vast for us to destroy it.

We’ve spent thousands of years fighting against nature in order to survive. Now, at the summit of our technology and development, we look back at our home. We see the cost of our emancipation. We see the damage we’ve done. The ocean is dying. The species are dying. We are dying.

Climate change, pollutions and overfishing are devastating marine life worldwide. Species are going extinct at an unprecedented rate. Greed is destroying our planet.

How can we change?

Far from the continents, a group of islands changed the way we perceive nature nearly 200 years ago: the Galapagos Islands. Today, the Galapagos are one of the last sanctuaries of the Sea, an oasis of life in a dying ocean. Here, Charles Darwin formulated the theory of evolution, revolutionizing our perception of nature. But his theory has also anchored us in the belief that our role in nature can only change on the scale of thousands, millions of years, and that this evolution can only be the product of natural selection, not a conscious decision within a lifetime.

Returning to the Galapagos today, a team of ocean ambassadors sets out on a quest to reconcile man and nature and to change the way we see the world.

~ Pierre-Yves Cousteau

I wrote and narrated this 35 minute film about the Galapagos Islands in 2016.

Click here to watch the full film on iTunes, Amazon, GooglePlay and Vimeo



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