“People protect what they love.” That is why I created Cousteau Divers: an international network of divers who want to turn their passion into action. The program has several purposes: to raise the awareness of the beauty and fragility of marine life, and to empower people to help study and protect it, making each diver an agent of the study and conservation of the aquatic realm.

Cousteau Divers is my way of bringing my father’s work into the present and future. He raised awareness of millions of people worldwide to environmental issues. With Cousteau Divers, I want to continue this task, and to empower people to actively study and protect marine life.

Citizen Science

Cousteau Divers has a wide range of activities, structured around three major axes: Science, Community and Multimedia. The main focus is to harness the power of the hundreds of thousands of recreational divers around the world to engage with us through a revolutionary citizen science initiative. Getting involved is easy. Based on methods that are as simple as observing aquatic life you encounter and then logging your dives, you can contribute to a global monitoring programme of the oceans. By collecting your underwater observations, we will be able to establish a near real-time diagnosis of the health of coastal ecosystems. Joining Cousteau Divers is the beginning of a lifetime of adventure and investigation, lending your dives a vital purpose.

Check out the project’s webpage here: www.cousteaudivers.org 

This blog

I’ve created this blog to share my passion for ocean adventures and thoughts about marine conservation and the state of our ocean.

~ Pierre-Yves Cousteau



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